Custom made engineers!!

There is this issue that always i regret about. The sorry state of the education system these days- especially the field of engineering. I as a lecturer feel very depressed to say that we are generating custom made engineers who fit into either Infosys or TCS or Wipro. The whole meaning of engineering is getting defeated. My perspective of a BE course is where all the basics of a particular field of engineering is taught reinforced with other related core fields like physics, chemistry, mathematics. Students are supposed to use this knowledge to decide upon their field of interest and go with it.

But what’s happening in the name of placements in the engineering colleges is truly cheating the students, making them puppets. The various avenues available are completely closed down and just one option is given to them i.e to become a software engineer in one of these reputed companies. Students are not allowed to think in any other dimension at all. The individuality of the students is killed in the name of HR training. Its so funny to see that all the students talk, walk, smile, think in the same way. These ridiculous HR trainings turn students into robots.  They just take instructions and execute it all in the same way.

Why are we blocking the various other options for the students? Meaning of BE is not to send students out with an offer letter but to send them out with ample knowledge so that they can mould their own future and also contribute to the world.The knowledge of engineering can be applied not only in the field of software but in so many others  like teaching, farming, administration, defense. Students should be allowed to choose their interest and not dictated that this is what you should do.Parents also play a role in it by pushing them to enter the same field what their neighbours son or cousin’s daughter is into.

I think things should change and some strong action needs to be taken against this nuisance.I would appreciate some thoughts about this by the students..


Hindi Movies

Recently had vacations and there were ample movie releases for my timepass. 1st adventure – i watched RAAVAN wid my husband.. I just dont kno how people manage to make such movies. Starting was pathetic and it got worse. After interval it became incorrigible and we were just waiting to get out of the theatre.

We took a while to get out of the trauma and then started with the next adventure “I HATE LUV STORIES”. These directors feel that putting in a few “F” jokes would make any movie a hit. The same old junk story people re-do  time and again.  Got sick.

My final and major adventure was “MILENGE MILENGE” . It was kinda fun coz watched it wid all my friends and the best part was watched it in CD and so atleast didnt repent for spending 150 in a multiplex for this junk :). It was again unlimited torture .. The concept is again ages old and not even the songs were good.

I just dont understand why the stories of Hindi movies are getting worse day by day. Why cant they just see beyond glamorous sets, rich outfits and foreign locations and come up with some adventure movie or anything out of the box. I dont know if this is the kind of movies that the North indians enjoy but we south indians are definitely fed up and need something new and refreshing. Spare us the torture …

The climate in Bangalore

Well the best thing that namma bengalooru is known for – its weather. And with the monsoons in, our city just looks sooo picturesque. Just by evening, the clouds set in bringing in a gloomy look to the bustling city and just about everything seems to enjoy it. The whole city looks so calm and serene. I dont think it looks anything less than a hill station.Its such a relief after the rising mercury levels in the last few months. The way from my workplace is pretty deserted and i just enjoy the ride back home with the cool breeze over my hair and the sight of the lakes with the reflection of clouds.

At home i just love standing in my balcony enjoying the rain and sipping a hot cup of tea.. Its just a heavenly feeling and the best way to keep all the work woes away from mind 🙂 ..

Trip to Gopalaswamy Betta

After a long time I had a long weekend coming up and desperately wanted to get out of the bustling city of bangalore to some serene place wid ppl i love. So it was decided that myself,hubby,parents and my cousin go to Gopalaswamy betta.

We  had heard that the place is best at early mornings,So we left early on Saturday morning , infact veeery early 🙂 . We started from Bangalore at around 4 and my hubby was swiftly driving our swift on the mysore road. The roads were pretty empty and we could reach mysore in 2hrs.

From there, my cousin who is a localite led us to the Nanjangud or the ooty road. There were a lot of unpleasant stretches of road. The long drive and continuous talking made all of us damn hungry. We stopped by near a tamarind tree and hogged on some idlis and yummy chutney that mom had prepared and before even realizing, the hotcase was empty 🙂

The journey continued and after taking a deviation to the road to the hill, we were welcomed by some wonderful scenic roads with emerald green peaks on either sides.

One stretch of the road looked like a road to heaven. The ascent started and we could feel the fresh air, totally unpolluted and divine. We stopped by at many places to enjoy the view- the view of clouds covering up the mountain peaks and lush green forests.

It was way too tempting for a bangalorian like me and we jumped into raw nature. Walked through the green grass, took some snaps and continued. The ascent was pretty scary and a few turns really tough to handle. Reaching the top, the view got even better. We could also spot a tusker grazing majestically on the mountain slopes.

The temple here is that of Lord Gopalaswamy. The speciality here is that there is continuous fall of dew drops on the god’s idol-hence the name Himavad Gopalaswamy(Hima in kannada means dew). After enjoying a small trek on the peaks and some crazy pics, we headed back to mysore, had lunch and moved on to our next destination,

Blue lagoons (pretty fancy name for the place that it really is 🙂 ) It basically is the KRS backwaters. The road to it was rusty and muddy. We were also confronted by few men who claimed that we were passing thru their private property and had to pay them. The view was really cool and the waters very tempting, We all got into the water and realized that it was a little muddy but nevertheless a boon to escape from the scorching sun above.

As the sun went down at the horizon, the majestic KRS dam looked amazing in the twilight and the scene was simply breathtaking. The setting sun was also a call for us to head back home and that was the end of an amazing day spent.

Lakes in B’lore

Every one knows about the demising lakes in bangalore. Its amazing to know that B’lore hosted around 262 lakes in the early years. And now the number of lakes b’lore has is just 81 many of which are already on the verge of extinction.

It is very sad as citizens of bangalore  to see the diminishing lakes all over. These lakes are a very easy way for land grabbers to aquire lands. I being a resident of uttarahalli have been observing how a huge lake here simply vanished.Now the lake is a cricket ground for kids and most of its area is converted into sites where buildings have already come up. The officials concerned and the residents are equally responsible for this sad situation of the lake.

In the name of desilting and renovating these lakes, the water is being completely dried out and jogging tracks are being made around it. Ultimately the size of these huge lakes are reduced to less than half and big flats spring up on these dried out lands in a few months. “I dont think any one would cry if they cant jog around a dying lake“. Instead of doing these its just enough if the lakes are taken care of by not polluting them and removing the water hyacinth growing on its surface. These very few left out lung spaces have to be preserved.

After all B’lore has to retain its gardens and lakes for many generations to come.

Go Mysore!

After a lot of discussions and hurdles finally our mysore trip was finalized. The planned time to leave blore was 6.30 n as usual all the delays made it 7 🙂
All my collegues(oh by d way we are all lecturers of an engineering college :)) were in full zing. All d talents never seen bfre were pouring out during d drive. Songs of kannada, telgu n malayalam filled the tempo traveller. Every1 had gone back to their college days n were shouting n a few dancing as well..
Our 1st stop was at Nimishamba in Srirangapattana, a serene place & then the ranganatha swamy temple. Taking the blessings of the almighty it was time for some fun.

Next destination- Balamuri falls. Although i had visited the place around 50 times it seemed like never before.
Cool breeze, picturesque waters- what was it that was different this time ? Of course it was a weekday and there was absolutely no rush, no chaos and majorly no smell of fish or drinks. It was plain nature and us. Me and a few of my frnds walked along the bund and enjoyed the cold water gushing over our feet making a bustling sound. We could also enjoy a little boat ride, well boat is a misnomer- it is what we call “theppa” in kannada. I was a bit petrified with its condition but enjoyed it though. Said gud bye to the place and left towards the dussera exhibition – a major attraction to all we girls(ladies :)). Never bothered about how frustrated the guys were and entered every other shop to buy things that were absolutely unnecessary 🙂 Finally the trip came to an end. Everybody reached home late night.

Really, Mysore is a place that has so much to offer and no matter how many times you visit it, the excitement to visit it again never dies 🙂